Let's celebrate together

That is the motto which the owners of the Umdasch Group, Hilde Umdasch and Alfred Umdasch, have proclaimed for 2018. In this special year the company will be celebrating its 150th anniversary and they wish to celebrate in particular with us, the employees.

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Together we have written the last 150 years of our corporate history. We are placing the years 2018 under the motto “part of 150 years Umdasch Group". We invite all employees who contribute to our joint success day by day to celebrate with us.

And exactly for that purpose we created this platform. It is, so to speak, the home base marking 150 years of the Umdasch Group. Here we can share everything which happens and which should be seen and told in 2018. All who wish to do so can post and upload their thoughts, stories, pictures, photos, comments etc. We are looking forward to stories, highlights, snapshots and thoughts – in words and/or pictures. They will be shared immediately on our Social Wall.

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These are our hashtags. Wherever you post, please add one of  them. That is how you make sure that your posts outside will definitely land in the newsfeed on our Website.

New Years Day Message from the owners
Hilde Umdasch & Alfred Umdasch

Lots of nice Dates and one Surprise. 2018 all year long there will be nice events to look at, to participate in and to party. And there also will be a surprise. Here is a brief overview (JPG).

150 Years Part Of - Our Ambassadors

In this section we will present all our ambassadors in the regions. We are thrilled that so many people are taking part and spread the spirit of UMDASCH!

Carina Porranzl | Marketing Manager Umdasch Shopfitting

The Umdasch Group is a concern with 7,900 employees. Due to the 150th anniversary it is great to watch, how we all come closer together and share values and different cultures. I am proud to be part of #150yearsUmdaschGroup!

Gisela Jakobi | Head of HR Central Europe

It fills me with pride being a part of this success story. It’s great to celebrate this special day together with all Doka-Teams all over the world.

Grace Leech | Commercial Assistant

150 years is an outstanding accomplishment and I am proud to be a part of the Umdasch success story as an ambassador. Spirits are high across all branches as we celebrate this fantastic milestone, together we look forward to a bright future.

Andrea Vicentin | Head of Marketing Latin America

150 years is a huge milestone and I’m very proud to be part of a company with this impressive success and to be an ambassador for these historical celebrations. This is a great opportunity for all employees feel part of this amazing family and to understand what means to be indisputable number 1.

Heidi Schindler | Head of Marketing Central Europe

The (hi)story of Umdasch is the story of its people. Whether the founding family, the employees or anybody connected to the company and its subsidiaries – they all have created what we see today, leaving traces and footprints. Or rather handprints, in this case. I’m glad to be able to extravert this spirit: being proud of past & present and looking forward to the future!

Birgit Fischer | Head of HR for Eastern Europe

In the position as Head of HR for Eastern Europe I am proud of our motivated employees who identify themselves with our company culture and bring in all their spirit to achieve our goals.

Esther Mary Roy | PA to the General Management

It’s a real honor to be an ambassador of the Umdasch Shopfitting Group and to be a part of celebrating successful 150 years. Indeed it is a privilege to share in the history of this company, which is a real life success story and an incredible milestone. Wishing the founders, management and staff, continuous years of great success!

Agata Orlowska | Doka Eastern Europe

It is a sign of trust and continuity when a company celebrates an anniversary. Celebrating a 150-year anniversary marks a huge milestone in our history. I am very proud to be an Ambassador for such a huge accomplishment, especially because I believe achievements of an organization are the result of efforts of every employee.

Tania Muth | UMDASCH Shop Academy

I’m proud to work for a family-owned company with such a long history! Together with my colleagues I am looking forward to celebrate this anniversary year and we are pleased for many more years to come.

Shirley Unani | Executive Assistant East Asia & Pacific

I am proud to be an ambassador because it gives me a strong sense of identity in being part of the Doka Family. I am delighted to be able to support and do my part in the celebration of the 150 years of the Umdasch Group.

Katharina Stampfer | Head of Marketing Western Europe

The strength of any tree comes from its roots. Doka’s roots are a strong foundation based on values, culture and people. A sturdy foundation which keeps standing trough storm and sunshine. Trees grown from one seed, Doka grew from a single idea into a solid company. I am proud to be part of this company and an ambassador!

Julia Amstler | DOKA Business Partner Regions Marketing

Nowadays, it’s rare that a family-owned company turns 150 years – an amazing milestone! It’s great to be part of the Umdasch family, where every employee is appreciated. I am proud to be an ambassador and really looking forward to all upcoming activities. Let’s celebrate together! #150yearsUmdaschGroup

Diana Sanicki | Marketing Amercias

I am a proud to be an ambassador for Doka Americas because of our passionate team, continuous expansion, and steady flow of innovations. Celebrating this historical milestone gives us a wonderful opportunity to connect our worldwide diversity and cultures into one united celebration.

Darina Fukasová | DOKA Drevo Slovakia

I am proud to be an ambassadors because I can be part of the team, which is responsible for so important event. Thank you for your trust and your confidence.

Julia Brandl | DOKA Head of Human Ressources Western Europe

I am proud to be part of the Umdasch history and I am looking forward to celebrate together with our countries all over the world.

Stephanie Lutz | DOKA Head of Marketing Middle East & Africa

As a proud ambassador, I believe that this anniversary is a great opportunity for the entire Umdasch and Doka family to share memorable experiences with one another. This milestone allows our team members to identify and connect with our brand and values.

Conny Mielenz | DOKA Head of HR Middle East & Africa

I am proud to be an ambassador because it is important for me to work for a family owned company which values their employees and provides a great working environment. Celebrating this milestone with all staff members around the world will contribute to the positive spirit which we continuously promote in our organization.

Andreas Lang | Head of Human Resources East Asia & Pacific

I feel honored being part of such a great and outstanding history of success and social responsibility; similarly I am thankfully happy to be part forming the future together with my colleagues for the next decade to come.

Franca Heim-Kuhn | Business Partner Regions Marketing

150 years Umdasch Group, what an amazing milestone! Working for a company with great history, where every employee counts and is appreciated, inspires me. I’m proud to be an ambassador and looking forward to celebrate together! #150yearsUmdaschGroup