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Court Reg­istry of Com­pa­nies: St. Pölten
Com­pa­ny Reg­is­ter n°: FN 101743 y
DVR-Num­ber : 0017850
VAT-Num­ber: ATU 14864707
Reg­is­tered office of the com­pa­ny: Amstetten


The Umdasch Group com­pa­nies locat­ed at the Amstet­ten site are autho­rised under Aus­tri­an trade-licens­ing law to man­u­fac­ture form­work sys­tems and form­work sheets and to pro­duce com­mer­cial fix­tures and fit­tings of all kinds as an indus­tri­al enter­prise, to engage in com­mer­cial and con­struc­tion activ­i­ties and com­pa­ny con­sult­ing and busi­ness organisation.

Limitation of liability

Umdasch Group authors and main­tains the con­tents of this web­site with the great­est pos­si­ble care. Nev­er­the­less, Umdasch Group takes no respon­si­bil­i­ty for the infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed on this web­site, and excludes any and all lia­bil­i­ty for infor­ma­tion which may be found to be incor­rect or incom­plete on the Umdasch Group web­site. Respon­si­bil­i­ty for the man­ner in which the infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed (and thus freely avail­able) on the Umdasch Group web­site is used and han­dled lies sole­ly with the user. Umdasch Group shall make avail­able the con­tents of its web­site free of charge until fur­ther notice, as infor­ma­tion only, and stress­es that the mere act of using the web­site does not estab­lish any con­trac­tu­al rela­tion­ship between the user and Umdasch Group whatsoever.

Exclusion of responsibility for external links and Copyright

On its web­site, Umdasch Group pro­vides links to oth­er web­sites. These elec­tron­ic cross-ref­er­ences open up access to third-par­ty infor­ma­tion and con­tent which Umdasch AG at no time embraces as its own. Umdasch Group is not respon­si­ble for any such con­tent-mat­ter, for which lia­bil­i­ty rests with the respec­tive web­site owner/operator. Before link­ing its web­site to a third-par­ty web­page, Umdasch Group makes all pos­si­ble and rea­son­able efforts to deter­mine that there is no man­i­fest­ly unlaw­ful con­tent on the page in ques­tion. How­ev­er, Umdasch Group has no influ­ence over the con­tent and design of these linked pages, and con­tin­u­ous check­ing of the exter­nal links is not fea­si­ble. As soon as Umdasch Group becomes aware of any unlaw­ful con­tent on a linked web­site, the link(s) in ques­tion will be removed immediately.

Unless oth­er­wise stat­ed, copy­right for all the doc­u­ments pro­vid­ed on the Umdasch Group web­site, and for the mate­ri­als used there­in, rests sole­ly with Umdasch Group. The down­load­ing, print­ing and sav­ing of files from this web­site is per­mit­ted for pri­vate use only; any usage going beyond this shall require the express con­sent of Umdasch Group. The copy­rights of the pic­tures show­ing the con­struc­tion of the pow­er plant Ybbs-Persen­beug dis­played in the his­to­ry area of the Umdasch Group web­site are held by the Ver­bund AG. Data Pri­va­cy Statement

Chamber membership

The Umdasch Group AG is a mem­ber of the Eco­nom­ic Cham­ber of Low­er Aus­tria and is sub­ject to the Aus­tri­an Trade Code [Gewerbeordnung/GewO], which can be retrieved from

Objects of the company’s business

The Umdasch Group is — through its busi­ness units Doka Group, Doka Ven­tures and Umdasch Shop­fit­ting Group – an inter­na­tion­al play­er in all areas of form­work tech­nol­o­gy and shop­fit­ting. The dis­trict gov­ern­ment author­i­ty of Amstet­ten acts as the super­vi­so­ry authority.