Lasst uns alle gemeinsam feiern

Das ist das Mot­to, das die Eigen­tü­mer der Umdasch Group, Hil­de Umdasch und Alfred Umdasch, für 2018 aus­ge­ru­fen haben. In die­sem Jahr begeht das Unter­neh­men den 150. Geburts­tag und das soll vor allem mit uns, den Mit­ar­bei­te­rin­nen und Mit­ar­bei­tern gefei­ert wer­den.

Ges­tern. Heu­te. Mor­gen. Gemein­sam haben wir die ver­gan­ge­nen 150 Jah­re des Unter­neh­mens geschrie­ben. Das Jubi­lä­ums­jahr 2018 stel­len wir daher ganz unter das Mot­to „part of 150 years Umdasch Group“. Alle Mit­ar­bei­te­rin­nen und Mit­ar­bei­ter, die Tag für Tag zum gemein­sa­men Erfolg bei­tra­gen, laden wir ein, mit­zu­fei­ern.

Und genau dafür gibt es die­se Platt­form. Sie ist sozu­sa­gen Home­ba­se, also Hei­mat von 150 Jah­ren Umdasch Group. Hier wird alles, was 2018 pas­siert, gese­hen und erzählt wer­den muss, geteilt. Alle sol­len ihre Gedan­ken, Geschich­ten, Bil­der, Fotos, Kom­men­ta­re etc pos­ten und uploa­den. Wir freu­en uns auf Sto­ries, High­lights, Moment­auf­nah­men und Gedan­ken – in Wort und / oder Bild. Sie wer­den ab sofort auf unse­rer Soci­al Wall geteilt.

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Neujahrsbotschaft der Eigentümer
Hilde Umdasch & Alfred Umdasch

Vie­le schö­ne Events und eine Geburts­tags­über­ra­schung: Im Jubi­lä­ums­jahr 2018 gibt es ein gan­zes Jahr lang vie­le schö­ne Events und eine Geburts­tags­über­ra­schung. Hier ist ein ers­ter kur­zer Über­blick (JPG), was alles geplant ist.

19. Februar 2018:
Let’s Celebrate Together

Getreu dem gewähl­ten Mot­to für das Jubi­lä­ums­jahr wur­de am 19. Febru­ar 2018 welt­weit bei Umdasch gemein­sam der 150. Geburts­tag gefei­ert.

150 Years Part Of – Unsere Botschafter

Hier stel­len wir die „Ambassa­dors“ in den ein­zel­nen Regio­nen der Rei­he nach vor. Wir freu­en uns, dass so vie­le Men­schen teil­neh­men und den Unter­neh­mens­spi­rit trans­por­tie­ren!

Cari­na Por­ranzl | Mar­ke­ting Mana­ger Umdasch Shop­fit­ting

The Umdasch Group is a con­cern with 7,900 employees. Due to the 150th anni­ver­s­a­ry it is gre­at to watch, how we all come clo­ser toge­ther and sha­re values and dif­fe­rent cul­tures. I am proud to be part of #150yearsUmdaschGroup!

Gise­la Jako­bi | Head of HR Cen­tral Euro­pe

It fills me with pri­de being a part of this suc­cess sto­ry. It’s gre­at to cele­bra­te this spe­cial day toge­ther with all Doka-Teams all over the world.

Grace Leech | Com­mer­ci­al Assi­stant

150 years is an out­stan­ding accom­plish­ment and I am proud to be a part of the Umdasch suc­cess sto­ry as an ambassa­dor. Spi­rits are high across all bran­ches as we cele­bra­te this fan­tastic milestone, toge­ther we look for­ward to a bright future.

Andrea Vicen­tin | Head of Mar­ke­ting Latin Ame­ri­ca

150 years is a huge milestone and I’m very proud to be part of a com­pa­ny with this impres­si­ve suc­cess and to be an ambassa­dor for the­se his­to­ri­cal cele­bra­ti­ons. This is a gre­at oppor­tu­ni­ty for all employees feel part of this ama­zing fami­ly and to under­stand what means to be indis­pu­ta­ble num­ber 1.

Hei­di Schind­ler | Head of Mar­ke­ting Cen­tral Euro­pe

The (hi)story of Umdasch is the sto­ry of its peop­le. Whe­ther the foun­ding fami­ly, the employees or any­bo­dy con­nec­ted to the com­pa­ny and its sub­si­dia­ries – they all have crea­ted what we see today, lea­ving traces and foot­prints. Or rather hand­prints, in this case. I’m glad to be able to extra­vert this spi­rit: being proud of past & pre­sent and loo­king for­ward to the future!

Bir­git Fischer | Head of HR for Eas­tern Euro­pe

In the posi­ti­on as Head of HR for Eas­tern Euro­pe I am proud of our moti­va­ted employees who iden­ti­fy them­sel­ves with our com­pa­ny cul­tu­re and bring in all their spi­rit to achie­ve our goals.

Esther Mary Roy | PA to the Gene­ral Manage­ment

It’s a real honor to be an ambassa­dor of the Umdasch Shop­fit­ting Group and to be a part of cele­bra­ting suc­cess­ful 150 years. Inde­ed it is a pri­vi­le­ge to sha­re in the histo­ry of this com­pa­ny, which is a real life suc­cess sto­ry and an incredi­ble milestone. Wis­hing the foun­ders, manage­ment and staff, con­ti­nuous years of gre­at suc­cess!

Aga­ta Orlow­ska | Doka Eas­tern Euro­pe

It is a sign of trust and con­ti­nui­ty when a com­pa­ny cele­bra­tes an anni­ver­s­a­ry. Cele­bra­ting a 150-year anni­ver­s­a­ry marks a huge milestone in our histo­ry.
I am very proud to be an Ambassa­dor for such a huge accom­plish­ment, espe­ci­al­ly becau­se I belie­ve achie­ve­ments of an orga­ni­za­ti­on are the result of efforts of every employee.

Tania Muth | UMDASCH Shop Aca­de­my

I’m proud to work for a fami­ly-owned com­pa­ny with such a long histo­ry! Toge­ther with my col­leagues I am loo­king for­ward to cele­bra­te this anni­ver­s­a­ry year and we are plea­sed for many more years to come.

Shir­ley Una­ni | Exe­cu­ti­ve Assi­stant East Asia & Paci­fic

I am proud to be an ambassa­dor becau­se it gives me a strong sen­se of iden­ti­ty in being part of the Doka Fami­ly. I am delight­ed to be able to sup­port and do my part in the cele­bra­ti­on of the 150 years of the Umdasch Group.

Katha­ri­na Stamp­fer | Head of Mar­ke­ting Wes­tern Euro­pe

The strength of any tree comes from its roots. Doka’s roots are a strong foun­da­ti­on based on values, cul­tu­re and peop­le. A stur­dy foun­da­ti­on which keeps stan­ding trough storm and sunshi­ne. Trees grown from one seed, Doka grew from a sin­gle idea into a solid com­pa­ny. I am proud to be part of this com­pa­ny and an ambassa­dor!

Julia Amst­ler | DOKA Busi­ness Part­ner Regi­ons Mar­ke­ting

Nowa­days, it’s rare that a fami­ly-owned com­pa­ny turns 150 years – an ama­zing milestone! It’s gre­at to be part of the Umdasch fami­ly, whe­re every employee is appre­cia­ted. I am proud to be an ambassa­dor and real­ly loo­king for­ward to all upco­m­ing activi­ties. Let’s cele­bra­te toge­ther! #150yearsUmdaschGroup

Dia­na Sani­cki | Mar­ke­ting Ame­ri­cas

I am a proud to be an ambassa­dor for Doka Ame­ri­cas becau­se of our pas­sio­na­te team, con­ti­nuous expan­si­on, and ste­ady flow of inno­va­tions. Cele­bra­ting this his­to­ri­cal milestone gives us a won­der­ful oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­nect our world­wi­de diver­si­ty and cul­tures into one united cele­bra­ti­on.

Dar­i­na Fuka­so­vá | DOKA Dre­vo Slo­wa­kei

I am proud to be an ambassa­dors becau­se I can be part of the team, which is respon­si­ble for so important event. Thank you for your trust and your con­fi­dence.

Julia Brandl | DOKA Head of Human Res­sour­ces Wes­tern Euro­pe

I am proud to be part of the Umdasch histo­ry and I am loo­king for­ward to cele­bra­te toge­ther with our coun­tries all over the world.

Ste­pha­nie Lutz | DOKA Head of Mar­ke­ting Midd­le East & Afri­ca

As a proud ambassa­dor, I belie­ve that this anni­ver­s­a­ry is a gre­at oppor­tu­ni­ty for the ent­i­re Umdasch and Doka fami­ly to sha­re memo­r­able expe­ri­en­ces with one ano­t­her. This milestone allows our team mem­bers to iden­ti­fy and con­nect with our brand and values.

Con­ny Mie­lenz | DOKA Head of HR Midd­le East & Afri­ca

I am proud to be an ambassa­dor becau­se it is important for me to work for a fami­ly owned com­pa­ny which values their employees and pro­vi­des a gre­at working envi­ron­ment. Cele­bra­ting this milestone with all staff mem­bers around the world will con­tri­bu­te to the posi­ti­ve spi­rit which we con­ti­nuous­ly pro­mo­te in our orga­ni­za­ti­on.

Andre­as Lang | Head of Human Resour­ces East Asia & Paci­fic

I feel hono­red being part of such a gre­at and out­stan­ding histo­ry of suc­cess and soci­al respon­si­bi­li­ty; simi­lar­ly I am thank­ful­ly hap­py to be part for­ming the future toge­ther with my col­leagues for the next deca­de to come.

Fran­ca Heim-Kuhn | Busi­ness Part­ner Regi­ons Mar­ke­ting

150 years Umdasch Group, what an ama­zing milestone! Working for a com­pa­ny with gre­at histo­ry, whe­re every employee counts and is appre­cia­ted, inspi­res me. I’m proud to be an ambassa­dor and loo­king for­ward to cele­bra­te toge­ther! #150yearsUmdaschGroup